MBA Programme & Objectives

  • It holds the promise to build the diversified management expertise, with good judgement that comes from experience. A lot of experience is what the institution can claim to possess. Its qualified faculty with training in commerce, management and administration, with additional inputs from the guest faculty from renowned and specialized organizations and institutions.
  • We aim at creating new competencies that enable the students to leverage their intellectual capital to achieve their professional objectives.
  • We strive to promote an integrated approach towards identifying, capturing, evaluating, sharing and creating new enterprise knowledge assets, explicit and tacit.
  • Interaction with industry and commerce is ensured for practical training, project work and placement opportunities.

The MBA programme offered by the School of Business Management, Vivek Vardhini College is a 2-year full time programme divided into 4 semesters of 15 weeks duration each. The programme offers specializations in areas of marketing, finance, human resource management and systems. The course offers dual specialization with a major elective and a minor elective.

Vision of the MBA Programme

The MBA programme of VVSBM has been set up with a vision to build new and diversified competencies and management expertise built on the foundation of ethics and values so as to enable the Managers-in-the-Making to leverage their intellectual capital towards achieving professional excellence.

The Learning Process

The pedagogy methodology is an interactive learning process that combines classroom teaching with real life application oriented activities. A combination of exercises like Seminars, Group Discussions, Role Plays, Case Studies and Simulation tools are used to make the entire process shift from teacher centric learning to activity based learning. The objective of the MBA programme is to install in students a well groomed personality and the necessary confidence to become future managers of the country capable enough to shoulder the responsibility of paving the way to a better nation - both economically and socially.