Vivek Vardhini Educational Society
Encapsulating a combination of indigenous wisdom and philanthropic concern, noble ideals and sense of commitment, the Society emerged on the scene, not by riding a wave of educational upsurge but by swimming against the currents of linguistic oppression and stifling waves of official apathy.

With indomitable spirit and courage of conviction, the eminent patriots living in the erstwhile Nizams Dominions of Hyderabad, brought into being a new educational concept, that of instruction through mother tongue, half a century before such an idea became the official credo.

Sprouting as a humble little primary school, it has grown, in a matter of a few decades, into a sturdy oak branching off into 19 institutions providing education from K.G. to P.G. and research levels. As it grew, it incorporated three media of instruction, (Marathi, Telugu and English) catering to the needs of more than seven thousand students at different levels. Today, it is alive and vigilant to the growing, yet changing needs of the aspiring students. What is more significant, over the years, Vivek Vardhini has come to symbolize a confluence of diverse currents of national ethos and regional distinctiveness, of cultural renaissance and artistic creativity, of social service and political discourse, of mass awakening and elite brilliance.