Decennial Celebrations

School Of Business Management , Vivek Vardhini College has completed its 10 Years of its effective existence as an institution of excellence and has positioned itself according to the industry demands by meeting realistic challenges in working with large and small business concerns and research initiatives.

In order to encourage student participation and increase the confidence, various events were conducted as a part of Decennial Celebrations,

Ethnic day:

An informal event was organized on 14th February 2014 for the students. Seven events were conducted in which more than 90 students participated, out of which 21 students were awarded prizes.

Sports Day :

Vivek vardhini school of business management organized sports day on 15th of February 2014 for the MBA I year & II year students. Combined with enthusiasm, students displayed their skills at various games. More than 30 students of MBA participated in various games like cricket, badminton, chess, table tennis, carom and shot-put. Winners were awarded with certificates and prizes.

Green day :

A formal event was organized on 1st march 2014 by the students of MBA I &II year as an initiative towards promoting greenery and protecting the environment. In this event all the students have shown their participation in various forms like,

  • Skit on "save the Earth"
  • PPT on "corporate initiative towards environment protection,
  • Models of Organic farming", Renewable Energy sources", Measures to save the endangered Species", "Best out of Waste project", model on "Eco Friendly Urbanization".
  • To ensure Knowledge Transfer, further some models have been donated to secondary school children and orientation was given for the same.

Students Awards:

This event also included distribution of gold medals to the academic toppers of MBA students of 2009-11,2010-12&2011-13 batches, which was initiated and sponsored by Prof. Shrinivas Rao (ex-vice president ,VVES)& Dr. Aruna Karemungikar (chairman ,VVES)

Student achievement and Awards

Students have attended various management meets, seminars and paper presentations conducted in various colleges won prizes in various competitions. The list of colleges are as follows:-

  • i) Pendekanti Institute of Management -" Udhyathi 13" - April 3-4, 2012
  • ii) St Joseph’s PG College - "Saggraha" - December 14th, 2011.
  • iii) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - "Unleashing Rural Potential in India" December 25th ,2011.
  • iv) Badruka P.G. College
  • v) A. V. College - "Avirbhav 2013"

Students have participated in the management meet at Nizam College, Hyderabad central university and AV College in the year 2013-14 and have won prizes in various events.

Students have also attended a workshop conducted by RBI in year 2014.

Achievements in Sports

Our MBA second year student B. Balakrishna represented his NCC Directorate at the Annual NCC Republic Day Camp and the Prime Minister’s Rally help at New Delhi from 1st January to 29th January 2014. Our students have represented the college in Wrestling, Basket ball, Volley ball and Tennicoit.